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Document's Last Modification: February 6, 2006

I get an error message when I try to install Resume Manager. It tells me that it can't find the file instmsia.exe or instmsiw.exe. What does this mean?

Microsoft updated their installation program after they released Windows 98. Our software requires that you have the updated installer. We do not include it in the download, because the installer increases the size of the download. Also, most users have already installed the latest Windows installer.

If you get this error message, you can download a free upgrade file, and run it to update your Windows installer. Then, run the Resume Manager Installer again and it should work properly.

You can read more about the installer at the Microsoft web site:

You can click one of the following links for a 1.4 Mb download. PLEASE NOTE: Microsoft creates the following software. Sarm Software cannot guarantee the software effectiveness or compatibility with your computer.

If you have Windows 95/98/ME, download:

If you have Windows NT 4.x download:

After downloading, run the program. Then run the Resume Manager installer a second time.

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What are the hardware and software requirements to run the Resume Manager?

Software Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 95 with COM/DCOM library installed, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 SP3 , Windows 2000/XP.
Microsoft Word 97 or newer.
Web Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later
We recommend that you install ADO 2.6 or later.
    Hardware Requirements:
Client: Pentium II-300 or higher, (PIII-450 recommended), 64 Mb RAM, 30Mb free hard drive space.
Server: Pentium III-450 or higher, (PIII-600 recommended), 128 Mb RAM, 150 Mb free hard drive space.

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What are restrictions for the free evaluation version?

The free evaluation version can work with up to 100 resumes and you can add only 3 users to the Resume Manager Client.

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What are the differences between Resume Manager Desktop and Enterprise Edition?

Two separate installation programs are available for Resume Manager Desktop Edition and Resume Manager Enterprise Edition. Download and install the Resume Manager Desktop Edition installer.
We have two products for human resource companies:
Resume Manager Enterprise Edition - For big and small size companies that store a large number of resumes or employ five or more recruiters. To use the enterprise edition, you must install MS SQL Server 2000.
Resume Manager Desktop Edition - Installation of this product includes Microsoft's Data Engine - MSDE 2000. MSDE data engines are fully compatible with SQL Server. We advise using Resume Manager Desktop Edition to evaluate our software.
Read more information about the differences between the Desktop Edition and the Enterprise Edition of Resume Manager at:

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How fast can Resume Manager process resumes?

We created several tests for our product and for the Pentium III - 800, with 256 Mb RAM, Resume Manager can process 8, 000 or more resumes per hour.

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How can I write and keep notes about a candidate?

You can use the Internal Messages Tab to add notes to a candidate's record.
Visit http://www.sarmsoft.com/help/files/intmes.htm for more information.

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In what programming language is Resume Manager coded?

C++. A COM-based interface is available for integrating the Resume Manager engine into existing corporate software.

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Can you modify the software to accommodate the specific needs of our company?

Yes, we can modify program according to your specific needs. We always appreciate your feedback. Please send us your suggestions and feedbacks. Your comments help us to improve our software.

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Is Resume Manager compatible with Windows XP?

Yes, Resume Manager supports Windows 95 with COM/DCOM library installed, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 SP3+, and Windows 2000/XP.

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