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Resume Manager Pro 3.40

Download Resume Manager Pro. File size (75Mb)

List of changes and fixed issues in the Resume Manager Pro 3.40

1) Added option for creating new resume manually
2) Added option for editing skills
3) Added fields for editing resume
4) Fixed bug with resume import

List of changes and fixed issues in the Resume Manager Pro 3.20

1) Included a secure connection via SSL for SMTP settings.
2) Updated resume converter module from PDF files
3) Fixed bug in resume storing
4) Updated resume parsing engine
5) Added blacklist candidates
6) Updated Resume Seraching Tab
7) Added fields to resume repair mode
8) Updated Resume Manager server

Product Overview for Resume Manager Pro 3.40

Resume Manager Pro is an all-in-one recruitment management suite for Human Resources (HR) managers to assist them in their search for employment candidates. The program runs completely automatically; it receives, screens, analyzes, and filters candidate resumes, while allowing you to focus on your primary job of working with customers.

Resume Manager is a highly sophisticated, intuitive Applicant Tracking System that combines ease of use and flexibility with unprecedented functionality and analytical power. The program uses unique technology for analyzing summary texts with a high degree of accuracy at amazingly great speed. It retrieves all useful information and makes it available for future use.

Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide (PDF) 800Kb
Online Manual

Features Overview

Multiple-User Access, Client-Server Design

  Several HR managers can log onto the program simultaneously, sharing a resume database and built-in data-exchange system. All data is stored on a centralized database server, ensuring that data is safe and easily accessible to authorized personnel. The program provides quick and convenient access to useful functions.

Automatic Receiving, Screening, and Replying to Messages with Resumes

  Create any number of job-order projects and have the program sort resume responses from specific online advertisements and process them according to your rules (requirements). The resume server receives e-mail messages with candidate resumes, saves those messages to an inbox, finds resumes in the messages, extracts the necessary data to a database, updates the resume database upon reception of a newer version of the same resume, and replies to candidates' messages - completely automatically. Over 25 parameters total are gathered and analyzed automatically from a candidate's resume.

Extensive Resume Management Capabilities

  Resume Manager allows both extracting resumes from incoming e-mail messages and importing resumes from external sources, including text, Word, and HTML files or other databases through ODBC. You can edit resume fields manually as necessary, save original cover letters and resumes to file, export selected fields to CSV format, and create notes and attach them to specific candidates. Over 22 editable filters allow you to pinpoint a perfect resume.

Extensive e-Communication Capabilities

  With Resume Manager, you can easily exchange information with your colleagues - other managers and recruiters. No additional software or access privileges are necessary. You can also e-mail individual messages or broadcast personalized e-mail messages to numerous recipients using mail templates. The built-in Planner Manager with scheduling and appointment tools synchronizes appointments with your colleagues to avoid overlapping.

Extensive Customization and Accessibility

  Incoming e-mails can be filtered according to your rules. In addition, the resume parsing rules can be customized to fit your needs. You can access the resume database from external applications via the standard ADO interface. An administrator can be notified of user activities and system errors via log files, screenshots, and e-mail messages.

Role-Based Access and Functionality

  Depending on the user's role in the system (administrator, manager, or recruiter), the user gains access to a personalized work area with tasks and data appropriate for this user only. Thus, each user stays focused on that user's related actions, and critical data is protected from possible damage by unqualified user intervention. An administrator can get reports on recruiters' performance, candidates' current states, positions open, and clients inquiring about candidates.

Easy to Start and Use

  • Resume Manager requires minimal system and support resources.
  • Without any programmer support, you can install Resume Manager on your computer in less than a minute! Moreover, you do not need an IT specialist while using the software.

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