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Resume Manager Enterprise Edition

Resume Manager Automatically Processes Applicant Resumes!
Sarm Software announced the release of Resume Manager Service Pack 2 (SP2), a package of updates for Resume Manager Desktop Edition 2.02 and Resume Manager Enterprise Edition 2.02. Resume Manager SP2 brings more reliability for tracking resumes with size more then 100Kb.
Resume Manager SP2 is available at link Resume Manager SP2 (2,1Mb).

Resume Manager Enterprise Edition is recruiting management software developed for corporate recruiters to assist in their search for outstanding job candidates. Resume Manager completely automates the entire resume handling process, which increases efficiency and productivity of your work and saves money for your company. Because you stay focused on finding the right people instead of worrying about all the paperwork, you can be sure you have chosen the best candidates available! Even if you prefer to do the important work by hand, Resume Manager can help in your initial screening process to weed out the unqualified applicants!

Sarmsoft has released Resume Manager Pro 3.40 to the public. Click here for more information.

Benefits of Using Resume Manager

Resume Manager makes managing resumes easier than ever!

Resume Manager Makes Your Job Easier

Resume Manager removes the hassle from job candidate matching! By automatically recognition incoming resumes, then helping you to find and respond to applicants, Resume Manager eliminates all the tedious and redundant tasks from your workflow. Resume Manager makes the sometimes daunting task of finding qualified candidates easily manageable. In fact, it can be fun! Resume Manager pays for itself in job-stress reduction alone. Resume Manager is smart and can be taught how to identify new job skills and qualifications; using Resume Manager is just like hiring an assistant.

Resume Manager improves resume processing accuracy.

Always Find the Right Job Candidates

Resume Manager ensures that you don't miss important candidates because of badly formatted resumes. Resume Manager's unprecedented job matching accuracy comes from its huge database of job skills. Candidates are categorized in the database using common and industry-specific terms. You can be sure that most useful skills are already in the database so that you don't have to spend hours educating Resume Manager. However, should the need arise, Resume Manager's internal databases can be easily updated to add new terms or industry specific jargon.

Resume Manager Increases Resume Processing Efficiency and Productivity.

Increased Resume Processing Efficiency and Productivity

Resume Manager processes many more applicants than you could if you had to do some or all of the work manually. Candidate Processing happens in a fraction of the time; quickly eliminate the hundreds of resumes from your mailbox! You get both increased efficiency and increased productivity, so go ahead and take that longer coffee break that you deserve! By increasing efficiency, Resume Manager reduces the total cost of hiring new applicants.

Resume Manager Enterprise Edition is designed for Corporate Recruiters.

Every Recruiter Can Access Every Applicant

Resume Manager has a multi-user, client-server design that easily scales-up to store all applicants' information in a common database for your entire company. Resumes will no longer get lost, hidden, or accidentally locked-up. Because all recruiters will pull candidates from a common application pool, every recruiter will always have access to the most qualified applicants. Applicants will benefit because they are exposed to more recruiters, increasing their likelihood of being placed into a job.

Resume Manager reduces paperwork!

Resume Manager is Environmentally Friendly!

Resume Manager represents another step toward the paperless digital office environment. By automatically recognition electronic resumes that arrive via email, resume manager prevents unnecessary office clutter and avoids the large file cabinets that are usually required to store resumes. Resume Manager lets computers do what they do best: process large amounts of information that would be tedious or otherwise undesireable to do by hand. Wake up and smell the beautiful aromas of the 21st century!

Resume Manager helps you filter out unqualified applicants.

Resume Manager Weeds Out Undesirables

Resume Manager can save you time even if you prefer to do some qualification work by hand. Use Resume Manager early in the resume screening process to eliminate unqualified candidates, thus reducing the total number of applicants you must process manually. Whether you prefer complete automation or you just need a little assistance, Resume Manager is ready and waiting to help you!

Resume Manager easily Integrates with other software.

Leverage Investments in Other Software

Resume Manager was designed from the ground-up to work with other programs. By storing resume data in Microsoft's trusted server and desktop database formats, Resume Manager ensures maximum compatibility, connectivity, and extensibility. Plus, Resume Manager's technology can easily be integrated into in-house or other applications written specifically for your company. Resume Manager is a great choice for companies of all sizes.

Click here for more information about resume management features of Resume Manager

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