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Differences between Resume Manager Enterprise and Desktop Edition

At the moment Resume Manager program is available in two configurations: Resume Manager 2.02 Enterprise Edition (RMEE) and Resume Manager 2.02 Desktop Edition (RMDE).

The RMEE configuration is available for the following companies:
  • Mid-to-large sized companies with more than five users.
  • Companies that use Microsoft® SQL Server 2000.
  • The RMDE configuration is produced for:
  • Small companies and individual managers or recruits. Restricted to three users or less.
  • Companies that don't use Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Part of RMDE installation is Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Data Engine (MSDE), used along with RMDE.

    When to Choose MSDE

    MSDE is an attractive option for creating new desktop and shared database solutions that can be easily migrated to full SQL Server, as the solutions must need to scale.

    SQL Server compatibility

    MSDE data engines are fully compatible with SQL Server. Thus, tables, stored procedures, triggers, and any other database objects created in MSDE will operate without modification in a SQL Server database. If you are considering migrating to SQL Server in the future you should choose MSDE. Doing so will provide you with the simplest path to upsizing the database to SQL Server.

    Comparison Reference: MSDE and SQL Server Technologies

    MSDE has a 2 Gb limit on data. SQL Server can support over 1 Tb of data.


    MSDE is tuned for best optimum performance at five concurrent users or less. MSDE can support more than five concurrent users both from a technical and licensing standpoint, but Microsoft strongly suggests that the number of concurrent users be five or less in order to enjoy the performance levels available with MSDE. MSDE also supports row-level locking.
    SQL Server can support hundreds of concurrent users. Like MSDE, SQL Server also supports row-level locking.


    Security is an important aspect in many database systems

  • Windows 95, Windows 98
    MSDE supports SQL Server user-level security. Users are created and managed within MSDE. Windows 95 and Windows 98 servers do not recognize integrated Windows 2000 users.
  • Windows NT/Windows 2000
    Windows NT/2000 servers recognize both SQL Server users and integrated Windows 2000 users.

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