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Resume Manager Enterprise Edition

Resume Manager Automatically Processes Applicant Resumes!Resume Manager Enterprise Edition is recruiting management software developed for corporate recruiters to assist in their search for outstanding job candidates. Resume Manager completely automates the entire resume handling process, which increases efficiency and productivity of your work and saves money for your company. Because you stay focused on finding the right people instead of worrying about all the paperwork, you can be sure you have chosen the best candidates available! Even if you prefer to do important resume management work by hand, Resume Manager can help in your initial screening process to weed out the unqualified applicants!

Resume Management Features

Complete Resume Management Automation

Retrieve Incoming Resumes While Ignoring SPAM

Resume Manager is easily configured to monitor a mailbox for incoming resumes. There is a built-in, configurable SPAM filter so that you can prevent bogus information from being added to your resume management database.

Categorize Applicants

Resume Manager automatically scans resumes and categorizes each applicant using a large database of skills and industry specific terms. Resume Manager can read files, resumes, or documents in Text, MS Word, or HTML formats.

Store Resumes into a Shared Resume Database

Resume Manager Enterprise Edition can store information into a company-wide database. A built-in messaging system allows you to attach notes to individual candidates to facilitate cooperation and efficiency in recruiter efforts.

Query the Resume Database for Job-Candidate Matches

Search the resume database for candidates who have the qualifications you are looking for. The powerful searching function lets you search for any combination of skills, location, education, experience, or other information that you desire.

Notify Qualifying Candidates or Unqualified Applicants

Use custom email templates to automatically notify qualifying candidates or to broadcast notifications to unqualified applicants. Broadcast new job openings to the internal list and automatically file replies by job opening.

Easily Integrates into Your Computing Environment

Uses Microsoft Standard Databases

Resume Manager uses Microsoft's industry standard SQL Server 2000 or Microsoft's Data Engine (MSDE) 2000 to store data in any environment. Because it stores information in standard databases systems, resume management information can easily be accessed by other programs. All you need is a little "glue" to integrate it with other corporate resume databases and resume management applications.

Program Engine Available

The scanning engine can be directly integrated into corporate resume management applications via a COM interface.

Multiple Data Formats Recognized

You can easily import information into Resume Manager's resume database from files of various formats and from other resume database systems using text, MS Word, or HTML files

Client-Server Resume Management Architecture

The Resume Database is easily accessible with Resume Manager's Client (Screenshot)

Resume Management - Client

Resume Management has never been easier thanks to Resume Manager's intuitive, easy-to-master client interface. Within minutes you'll be able to match applicants with jobs to easily find the most outstanding candidates. Plus, it won't just be you. Everyone in your company can access the same information simultaneously from the same server. The filter system allows you to find candidates using over 20 different variables (allowing for hundreds of combinations) using a single click of the mouse. Resume management is so easy you just won't believe it!

Resume Management is easy thanks to Resume Manager Server (Screenshot)

Resume Management - Server

Resume Manager's Server is the secret to Resume Management bliss! The Server module monitors email accounts, files and scans incoming resumes, and manages the Resume Database. Resume Manager Server handles the mundane tasks for you so that you can focus on the important thing: finding the right candidate for your open jobs. Resume Manager is resume management done right.

Multi-Tier Resume Database Security System

Administrator Account Privileges

  • Create and edit user profiles
  • Change Managers' assignments
  • Edit service tables

Manager Account Priveleges

  • Create projects and assign recruiters
  • Remove any candidate's record
  • Create and edit client profiles

Recruiter Account Priveleges

  • Search the resume database
  • Import resumes from files into the resume database
  • Edit Sets of Filters (SOF)
  • Send individual e-mails and broadcast e-mails
  • Delete candidate records (only candidates assigned specifically to the recruiter) from the resume database
  • Internal user communications
  • Reviewing and deleting inbox messages for assigned project
  • Assign "new" status to free candidates
  • Print resumes from the resume database

Extremely Fast, Highly Accurate Parsing Engine

Using Resume Manager is like hiring an assistant to do resume management work for you. Resume Manager leverages unique technology to analyze resume text very quickly, and with the highest degree of accuracy. All useful information is extracted into the resume database for future use.

Smart and Teachable Resume Management

Resume Manager includes a database that contains more than 2,000 skills split into categories, and about 30,000 industry specific words. This database is used during resume analysis and combined with hundreds of business rules to provide the highest degree of accuracy possible. Though the built-in database is already very complete, you can still add terms specific to your company or industry to further increase Resume Manager's accuracy.

Easily Integrates with Existing Software

The scanning engine can be directly integrated into corporate resume management applications via a COM interface. Contact Sarm Software for more information.

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