Resume Manager is an all-in-one recruitment management suite for Human Resources (HR) managers to assist them in their search for employment candidates. The program runs completely automatically; it receives, screens, analyzes, and filters candidate resumes, while allowing you to focus on your primary job of working with customers.

Resume Manager is a highly sophisticated, intuitive Applicant Tracking System that combines ease of use and flexibility with unprecedented functionality and analytical power. The program uses unique technology for analyzing summary texts with a high degree of accuracy at amazingly great speed. It retrieves all useful information and makes it available for future use

Features Overview

Multiple-User Access, Client-Server Design

Automatic Receiving, Screening, and Replying to Messages with Resumes

Extensive Resume Management Capabilities

Extensive e-Communication Capabilities

Extensive Customization and Accessibility

Role-Based Access and Functionality

Easy to Start and Use

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Resume Manager Pro 3.0 - User's manual. Copyright (c) 2007 Sarm Software